Welcome to Jindo Project! We are a non-profit dog rescue and educational organization. We love our four-footed furry friends and invite anyone who shares our love of dogs to enjoy this online magazine.

Jindo Project is a non-profit organization that aims to help all dogs in need and to also help people understand them better. There are many misconceptions about shelters, rescue facilities, and dogs in general. We started this magazine to help give dogs a voice and make sure that people understand why they should rescue and not buy. We also share helpful tips and information on feeding your dog, training your dog, how to get rid of fleas and infections, and much more.

Dogs are beautiful and social creatures and they are affected by the energy they feel around them as well as music. At Jindo Project we fully believe that dogs respond to music and art and therefore also include articles on this. We also believe that all dogs must be trained and exercised. You will find some interesting and fun options for playing and staying fit with your dog.

This magazine is aimed to educate, inform, save dogs, create understanding, and make you feel good. We would also like to hear from you and your experiences with your dog. To share your stories and experiences, send an email to info@jindoproject.org.