Activities for Your Dog

Recreational and Fun Activities for You and Your Dog

Dogs are more than just pets for most of us and that means that they also want to take part in activities with us. There are many recreational activities that you and your dog can take part in. Jindo Project did some research and found several great activities that you and your dog can enjoy.

Before you get your dog involved with these activities, consider the following:

  • Your dog’s age and mobility level.
  • Any chronic conditions.
  • Joint, back, or other muscular or skeletal issues.
  • Your dog’s fitness level.
  • Your dog’s socialization and training.

If you are unsure about whether your dog will be physically up to these activities, consult your veterinarian. Don’t let your dog take part in things that may injure or harm him because of health or physical capability problems.

Now, lets’ look at the activities that you and your dog can enjoy.

Therapy-Related Options

Animal-assisted activities (AAA) – Some hospitals or nursing homes offer the opportunity for dogs to spend some time with patients. The purpose is usually to raise spirits and make the patients feel good. There are usually no specific goals for these visits and some may allow any friendly dogs. Some organisations may require that dogs and handlers be certified.

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) – This is different from AAA because the dogs act as therapy dogs in order to make a patient reach specific goals. You can find these dogs in hospitals where people have to deal with trauma or depression. Therapy dogs are trained to make these people feel better and cope better with their struggles.

Obedience Training

Puppy school – If you have a puppy, puppy school is ideal for socializing and training. The puppies learn to obey basic commands and also how to act around other dogs and people. The earlier you start, the better the results. However, older dogs can also be trained.

Obedience school – If you have a rescue that is a bit older, you can take him or her to obedience school. Here they also learn the basics of obeying commands, interacting with others, and protecting their human.

Games and Competitions

Flyball – This involves your dog to cross a sort of obstacle course to retrieve a tennis ball that was launched by a machine. This can be played as a game set up by you or you can take part in competitions.

Frisbee – This is also called flying disc. You can take part in competitions with this activity but it will require training. It is basically a game of fetch but with a frisbee.

Nose games – This is a great game for mental stimulation and you can do it in your home or at a dog park. There may also be competitions. You hide a treat or piece of food and your dog must sniff it out to receive the food as a reward.

Travelling and Others

Musical freestyle dancing – This is something that has recently become popular and people are even entering talent contests with their dogs. You and your dog dance a routine together to music. There are certain tricks and moves that seem standard, but obviously, you can coach your dog to do any moves you like.

Going on holiday – Take your dog with you when you go on holiday. Not only will it be a great new experience for him or her, but they will love being able to spend the time with you.

Dogs are social animals and they want to meet other people and dogs. Recreational activities are great for both of you and it also gives you time to bond and have fun. So, go have fun!

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