Jindo Projects enjoys good parties, fun walks, park runs, doggie bootcamp, and all kinds of other fun activities. This is why we organize and take part in different types of events that you and your dog can attend. It is all fun and games and you and all your furry friends are welcome.

Please come and join us for one or more of these great events!


Doggy Bootcamp – Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7 PM

Lufkin Park

Come and join our doggy bootcamp every week. Costs run $20 per session for both you and your dog. Bring your water bottles and sweatbands and have some fun getting fit together.

Rescue Education Seminar – Saturday 12 August @ 9 AM

Lufkin Hotel and Conference Center

Come and learn more about rescue dogs, shelters, how the process works, and what you can do to help. Tickets are $30 and include snacks.

Park Runs – Every last Saturday of the month @ 7 AM

We organize a park run every last Saturday of the month. Bring your furry friend, his or her leash, and lots of water. Have fun and bond while you walk or run the 5-mile park run. Entry is $40.

Pooch Splash Party – Sunday 30 August @ 10 AM

Bring your dog for a fun day out. Dogs that join the party must be trained and socialized and have a leash. Owners must keep supervision of their dogs at all times. Bring your swimsuit to join in the fun.

All of our events are fun and safe. Dogs that are trained and socialized are welcome. Dogs that are still learning to get used to being around other dogs, should be keep on a leash at all times for their own safety.