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Dogs and the Arts: Television and Movies’ Most Famous Dogs

Everyone loves dogs and we so love to see them in television shows or movies. There have been many favorite dog actors that have left us with fond memories and warm feelings. Today, we take a break from the serious stuff and look at some of the most famous dogs of television for the last couple of decades. Jindo Project loves seeing dogs on television as long as they are treated well and get lots of love.

Beethoven – The lovable and drooling Saint Bernard that everyone loves was so popular that he has a whole franchise. The Beethoven movies were loved by families and kids across the world. He was so loved that the franchise included 8 movies. Named after the great composer Ludwig von Beethoven, this gorgeous dog was responsible for many laughs and aww moments.

Scooby Doo – Scooby Doo-Be-Doo! Where are you? Who didn’t love Scooby Doo? Even kids today know about Scooby Doo and his crime-fighting friends. This goofy dog and his best pal, Shaggy, was responsible for keeping us nailed to the television for hours. We loved to see him solve a case or start shaking at the mention of ghosts.

Lassie – Everyone knows Lassie and many kids even called the Collie breed ‘lassie dogs’. The Collie was originally bred to herd sheep and help out on farms. Lassie is by far the most-loved and most famous Collie dog we have ever seen. She was such a good friend to Timmy and she will always make us smile.

Comet – Another trip down memory lane takes us back to the 1990s. Full House was a family sitcom loved by many. Not only did it make the Olsen-twins famous, but it also brought us Comet. Comet joined the show in Season 3 and immediately stole our hearts. The loveable Golden Retriever gave us a lot of good laughs.

Snoopy – Everyone has read the Peanuts comics or watched the Charlie Brown cartoons on television. Snoopy is the white dog with the long black ears who loves to ponder the meaning of life. He had an extremely well-developed personality and was at times quite emotional. Snoopy is definitely afavorite from our childhood television shows.

Eddie – Eddie was the Jack Russel Terrier that was owned by Martin Crane in Frasier. He was a great companion when he wanted to be and just plain hilarious when he didn’t. He entertained us with some incredible tricks and we always wanted to see what he would do next.

Petey –The Little Rascals may be one of the cutest movies ever made. Petey was the pit bull who was always by their side to keep an eye on things. Petey’s ring around the eye made him unique and absolutely adorable. He definitely added to the cuteness factor of this movie.

Toto – ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore!’ Toto was Dorothy’s faithful companion on her road down the yellow-brick road. He was there through all the tough times and the good times. Without him as a companion, Dorothy may never have gotten back home. We love this cute little pooch.

Hooch, Astro, and Marley are some other television and movie dogs that we loved. There is just something about dogs that make television shows and movies so much more enjoyable. Dogs have such a strong effect on humans that they even inspired some artists. Read more about this here.

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